Voorstroom is market leader in NL providing end to end management software for starting, managing and monitoring private and commercial energy collectives.

Communicate with your energy collective participants via easy to use web and mobile applications. Monitor your installation real-time and reward based on participant share.

After five years of strategic collaboration Voorstroom was fully acquired by Inversable in 2021 and will continue its journey to empower many more new green energy initiatives.

Started in 2016 with a clear vision and vocal mission about the need for more green energy initiatives Voorstroom quickly grew to become the default platform to support green energy collectives with scalable software in the Netherlands.

Inversable works closely together with HanzeNet to develop scalable software for high frequency data logging from homes and industrial installations.

Our high performance blockchain based Validana platform enables households to directly trade energy surplus with neighbors.

Together with the team of HanzeNet we develop new algorithms to enable energy flex and buffer capacity to be optimally utilized in local communities.