What is it?

When creating new software applications at Inversable, we love to work with open source components. This means that the source code is available to everyone and that it is worked on by people all over the world. We select open source components that are up to industry standard. Why we love working with open source? There are two reasons!

Strong Technology


We base our products on open source code of the highest quality. You might think that something that is freely available and can be worked on by anyone, is not up to industry standards. That’s why we have a very strict selection process to find the best that is out there. Tech companies share and work together on open source all the time and parties like the Apache Foundation ensure quality. We select components and core technologies by analyzing user base and code quality. We implement code that we can use to benefit our clients.

We build our solutions based on open source because it allows us to build upon thousands of hours of engineering knowledge right from the start. This saves time but also helps us to build something of the best quality, because our starting point is strong. Building on open source allows us to take control of the code.

Sharing Knowledge


The concept of open source runs on peer reviewing. This means that software engineers are constantly exchanging knowledge and working together to create the best of the best. It is a transparent process within the community of programmers, that also includes software engineers form the world’s leading tech companies.

At Inversable, we completely support this idea because it allows us to bring out the best in each other as well as guarantee high quality software to our clients. We actively participate in the open-source community and make open source tooling available and understandable to our clients.

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