Being in control of data is relevant for every field. We are therefore passionate to facilitate tools that will help to create purpose-driven strategies based on data, security and knowledge. We can create software and applications that will generate insight and help in farm management.

In order to create relevant software, it is essential to work together with its (potential) users. We therefore prioritize hearing from farmers in order to develop software that will help them improve managing their farm.

Find some of our projects in the agricultural sector below

Inversable has partnered with Intoagri to create the next generation of monitoring software for smart farming. We work together with farmers to make sure the user experience we create matches their daily expectations.

We provide each farm with its own online secure data environment based on open-source data streaming solutions from the Apache Foundation. By leveraging the power of event streaming with Kafka and message processing with Flink, we process real-time data originating from farm equipment into easily accessible insights for day to day monitoring of business operations.

  • Bare metal hosting

  • Network and IT infrastructure
  • Cloud data architecture design
  • Coding and implementation
  • Dashboard web development
  • API and third party interfacing