Our preferred way of working is through co-creation: exploring an issue together and finding the right solution. Creating an environment of trust is our priority.


We love to connect and meet new people with exciting ideas. We love to start small, get involved early and build from the bottom-up.


In an early phase we facilitate brainstorm sessions and user experience (UX) sessions to get an in depth understanding of the task at hand. Together, we will make a mind map to document the desires for change and the possibilities. We will show you which open source components are available and propose a target architecture for your problem statement.


After the brainstorm session, we will send you a report of the session with a description of the issue and a proposal of how this can be resolved. We will propose a prototype of a product and include a quote.


Based on the protoype design, we can start developing a software application for you. We focus on functionality and a clear interface that is easy to use. While developing, we will evaluate the progress and alter course if necessary. From the start, we build products that are scalable, ready for big data architecture and will meet the needs established earlier on.


We will not leave you with a product that you do not understand. We can create a knowledge base with instructions on how to use the software and our team of experts is available for support. We can provide short training sessions that will help you get started with using the application. One of our core values is that the user understands the product to the best of their abilities and we will provide all means necessary to achieve this.

We can also provide other services including:

  • Hosting your application
  • Mail/phone support
  • Website/communication
  • Data analytics and monitoring
  • Security updates

Does this spark your interest?

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