We believe education should be accessible for everyone. We use state of the art technology to make complex educational and administrative problems easy to handle so more time can be spent on important matters.

At Inversable, we have the privilege to welcome a lot of young professionals. We actively invest in making difficult technologies and concepts accessible to our customers, students and graduates. We welcome critical thinking and provide opportunities to learn new technologies hands-on with real business cases and peer to peer learning.

We maintain close relations with various universities and educational institutes for research purposes and hands-on assignments:

  • University of Twente

  • Saxion University of Applied Sciences

  • Flanders Business School

  • KU Leuven

  • Codidact Learning

Find some of our projects in the educational sector below

Co-developed since 2018 with various schools in the Netherlands, SEN-app enables educational institutes and companies to work together to provide better education on-premise.

Students, teachers and company supervisors can all join a regional educational network to securely log learning outcomes via QR code and keep track of progress and objectives.

SEN-app is a product of Inversable.

  • Mobile friendly web application

  • Offline QR code scanner

  • New features every quarter

  • Remote & on-premise support

  • Secure data storage and file handling

We love open source and open standards, especially in education. That is why we combined the Open Badges standard with the open-source Validana platform to enable schools, companies and training facilities to issue secure and verifiable micro credentials.

Why? Because this visualizes when milestones, tasks or goals are reached. BadgeCollect allows you to create a highly personal and flexible profile that will accurately represent learnings, skills and achievements, as a digital certificate that will influence the future of learning.

BadgeCollect is a product of Inversable.

  • Mobile friendly web application

  • Validana verification of transactions

  • Multi-language application

  • Fully compliant with open badge standard

  • Free for everyone to create and receive badges

  • Extra (paid) functionality and support for companies