Open Source + Blockchain Technology =

Accessible Blockchain

Blockchain technology can be applied to so much more than just cryptocurrency. It can automate processes in a transparent and reliable way. Validana uses the general ideas and principles of blockchain and applies it to familiar contexts, making it suitable for governments, educational organizations and business. Validana maintains the speed and security of blockchain, but adds flexibility and ease in the way it works.

When using Validana, you can count on the following principles

Combining with Open Badges

By combining the Open Badges standard with the open Validana platform we have created a trustworthy exchange for microcredentials.

Want to know how this works and learn more about what blockchain, Validana and Open Badges are?

Validana Applications

A few examples of platforms and products that use Validana


Autraq is a product that allows you to verify the authenticity of products. It was built using Validana.


BadgeCollect uses the Validana platform to exchange digitally signed educational badges securely and in an open source environment.


HanzeTrade is a decentralized energy marketplace that runs on Validana.