Project Description

Inversable joined Intoagri as exclusive IT partner to transform farms by enabling farmers to obtain insights across existing applications and data silos.

We combine multiple data sources in the farming application Meesters in Agri (Dutch) real-time via streaming-analytics into a personal secure data environment.

  • Farm robot data
  • Soil data
  • Environmental conditions
  • Financial data
  • Feed stock data
  • Various third party integrations

The farmer stays in control of his own data. Only after permission is given we receive and process the data into daily insights.

By monitoring and hooking into existing systems we can add a lot of value for farmers with cross-application insights. For example, by combining financial information, robot milk data and cow food consumption we can show the revenue per quantity per day, providing valuable feedback to the farmer. Our early warning systems and daily reports provide farmers with info to act quickly and monitor their revenue streams.